13 March 2014

ZS6RSH Shack & RF workbench pictures

Herewith are a few pics of my shack showing the work bench, operating position and parts collection. Certainly nothing fancy but it works for me! These pics were taken in February/March 2014.

I have based my experimental 50Ohm RF workbench on recommendations and guidelines as per the QRP Homebuilder series authored by Todd VE7BPO and also the book Experimental Methods for RF design, EMRFD. I will be forever indebted to these two wonderful resources.

All the test gear is from the 1970's and I am in the process of building test gear also. This test equipment was given to me by my friend OM Monk ZS4SF to whom I will be forever grateful. I also was given a large amount of parts by OM Barrie ZS6AJY including a lovely box of knobs and variable capacitors, some of which are certainly antiques. Thanks Barrie!

List of test equipment March 13 2014

  1. L/C Meter from AADE (came in kit form)
  2. Homebrew Power Meter -73dBm to +15dBm  (W7ZOI design)
  3. Homebrew Power Meter 1W, 6W, 15W based on 1N4148A and 1N34A diode detectors
  4. GW Scope GOS-623 20 MHz
  5. Keithley 179 TRMS digital multimeter
  6. Fluke 8024B Multimeter
  7. Generic Multimeter (Yellow). Used for BJT transistor beta testing
  8. Radio Shack mini portable multimeter
  9. Talbar Electronics 100MHz frequency counter Model 6003
  10. GW Function Generator GFC-8015G, audio to 2MHz
  11. GW Laboratory grade power supply dual tracking GPD-3030, 0-3A, 0-30V (per channel)
  12. Homebrew variable voltage power supply, unknown origin, 2-15V, 1A
  13. 12v fixed regulated power supply 5 amps
  14. MFJ259B antenna analyzer
  15. Homebrew 14.4 MHz 5pole Chebyshev Low Pass filter
  16. 1,2,4,8,10,20,20 dB step attenuator (needs new SMD 8,10dB pads and some switch issues)
  17. Weinschel 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 dB attenuator
  18. 3,6,10,20dB fixed lab grade attenuators
  19. 3X50Ohm 1Watt Lab grade terminators
  20. 50Ohm feedthrough terminator
  21. 100W and 5W dummy loads (50Ohm)
  22. Various male-male, barrel and BNC connectors
  23. BCB Filter 1.8MHz... 30MHz High Pass filter
  24. 3 Lab grade 4ft coax test leads + various RF and DC leads
  25. 10MHz, -10dBm homebrew CMOS square wave calibrator for the Power Meter. VE7BPO design
  26. 11MHz, sine wave generator, homebrew. VE7BPO design
  27. Return Loss Bridge, homebrew, 40dB directivity, +30MHz, EMRFD design
  28. RF Signal Source 3.5MHz ... 45MHz   Homebrew work in progress. EMRFD design
  29. Weller soldering station
  30. Tools, pliers, drivers, ... various   

Battery Charger, Data Interface, 40m Homebrew, K2, Norcal 40A, Winkeyer, Palm portable paddles

Left, L/Cmeter,Power Meter,Scope,Multimeter, Freq Ctr, Fn Gen, Variable PS, Hbrew PS, Tools, Solder Stn,
Dad's tiger fish, test leads, toolbox, Drawer with (terminators, attenuators, connectors, QRP field gear), junk boxes.
Work-in progress - Variable Cap brackets.

Wire, cores,pots, connectors, all lovely jewels!

Resistor bins
Fishing boxes with caps, transistors, inductors, 

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