28 April 2013

Cedar Lakes mid-lake

I was QRV for the first time from this spot at Cedar Lakes at 12:00local. It took me 5 minutes to set up my station plus the usual EFHW. After tuneup on 7020Khz om Monk ZS4SF came back to me and gave me a 599+10db report. I gave him the same. The repair I completed yesterday on the ATU was now working fb. The problem was a broken wire on the smallest toroidal inductor. Looked like the wire had been damaged on installation. This being the beauty of the K2. Any faults can be corrected by the operator. I also repaired my Palm Paddle, however a more permanent fix is needed. The design for the cable could be better since all strain is taken on the screen.

Ialso copied ZS0BOT/B on 7027Khz, 509 and ZS2VJ on 7052Khz also 509. The band was in reasonable shape and very quiet. ZS4SF also reported some QSB.

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