15 October 2013

Dan Tayloe N7VE's SWR LED bridge from Hendricks QRP kits

I finally got around to assembling this kit after it lay in my 'Unbuilt Kit Box' for  a number of years. I built a small chassis for the unit with some scrap PC board. The unit was purchased from Hendricks QRP kits. I ran a few tests at different power levels and different reactive loads that were put in circuit with the use of a manual ATU.

Certainly the unit works as described and the LED is easily visible in the sun. The LED mostly extinguishes once a match of less than 1.1:1 is obtained. I look forward to using this during my next field trip.


  1. I am looking for a simple led SWR indicator, Being disabled and have vision problems, I cannot build anything. Can somebody help me out with a led SWR indicator?

    Randy Ka4nma

    1. Hello Randy,

      if you need help send me the parts and I will built it for you. No Problem!

      73 de DH6SAU Harry.