24 December 2013

QRV in Cary North Carolina

We are really having a ball here in Cary North Carolina! We are staying in a friend's home while we are visiting our hometown and spending time with the kids. What a pleasure it is to be with them once again!

The WX has been incredibly mild the past few days but has now become more wintry for sure. The temperature now this morning having dropped to 43 F. However due to the rain, everything is wet. Lets hope this does not turn to ice over the next few days!

I have my QRP station now QRV on 40m. The band appears to be in excellent shape. My modest EFHW and 2Watt signal are giving me some decent reports up and down the east coast. I am hanging out on the QRP frequency of 7030KHz. What a pleasure it is to hear so many fantastic CW signals on the band!

I am thinking of our friends back in South Africa and the totally different weather and life style. Thunderstorms every afternoon ho.  May you all have a safe and very very Merry Christmas!

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