07 July 2014

Excalibur 2 project. Termite inspection & siding (cladding) removal

A lot of work was carried out over the July 4th weekend. We have now established that although there is termite damage the timber frame is sound. We will definitely get termite treatment done to prevent any further damage. We also decided to remove the siding (cladding) in preparation for the correct installation of a vapor barrier. This should make the shack much more 'livable' and pleasant. Especially during winter. Currently we get a lot of moisture condensation in the shack. Maybe we will also put down a concrete base. This is the correct thing to do however the cost still needs to be assessed. There are a number of competing sub-projects here. 

Next weekend we should be able to complete the siding removal. We will then invite Marty W4MY to visit. Marty knows about construction and will give us invaluable advice. Thanks Marty (in advance :))

Our beloved hound 'Chaiya' keeping me company.

Siding removed from one side of the shack. A vapor barrier needs to be added. Maybe we will put down a concrete slab?

A hole cut in the floor to check for termite damage. It looks fine.

AA4XX OM Paul applying max persuasion!

Yeah we are not fooling around! Entry road clearance.

Is this stuff valuable? Dunno yet....removed from the shack including the door.

Oh No! Termite damage. Lesson learnt. Treat for termites. Always!

Valuable jewels extracted from the shack and now stored per kind favor of AA4XX
The Early Days in the shack at Excalibur

Carting away the fire burnt fiber glass thermal insulation. This stuff is an 'itch' to deal with. No fun..


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  2. I really agree with each and every conclusions made on this topic . It is really very informative. Thanks for sharing. keep it up. AS we know prevention is better than cure, and that is really true in the case of termites.
    Termite inspection must be done at regular interval.