18 July 2015

Field Day 2015. WQ4RP. The Knightlites

As in all previous years for me, Field Day 2015 with The Knightlites was a total pleasure! A great adventure and an opportunity to learn and appreciate the challenges presented from operating in the great outdoors in less than ideal circumstances. Certainly that was the case this year!

Four intrepid Knights Sirs Derek W4FI, Joe WA4GIR, JP AB4PP and Dick N4HAY operated Field Day as WQ4RP, Class 3A Battery, NC from the Holly Point State Park at Falls Lake North Carolina.

The Great Setup. Pics by Joe WA4GIR

Sir JP and Sir Derek before the action began. Pic by W4CHX Karl

Violent thunderstorms on Friday evening, and Saturday, destroyed a tent and relegated some of the Knights to sleeping in their cars. But the intrepid few remained at the Key...Sending and Receiving in spite of it all! Great adventure, camaraderie and plain good fun was had for sure.

MRE's issued by Sir JP just in case.  Pic by W4CHX Karl
A shelter destroyed by a violent thunderstorm. Pic by JP AB4PP
20m operating position.
20m operation position. Pic by Joe WA4GIR

Sir Derek WF4I pounding the key on 20m on Sunday morning

40M operating position. Pics Joe WA4GIR

Sir JP at the key. 80m, 15m, 10m operating position. Pic by Joe WA4GIR

Mason (or Consul) Jar LED lamp. A South African product
The Knight's Trebuchet built by Sir Gary N3GO.
This weapon gave us at least a 3dB advantage!
Some finer details of the event.



Operating Conditions

Lessons Learned

Inventory Checklist

DUP Sheet

Here find Band analytical information: 

10 meters

15 meters

20 meters

40 meters

80 meters

All Bands

WQ4RP The Knightlites. Field Day 2015 QTH.  Pic by W4CHX Karl


  1. Hi Dick,
    Trust you are well?
    I also use lists, but somehow I still end up leaving critical items at home e.g. the power cable 
    Pierre ZS6A

    1. Hi Pierre for some reason my replies to your comments don't seem to get published. I wanted to check to see if you receive them? Many thanks 73 Dick

  2. Wow, I thought I went overboard with all the equipment I take along, like 3 or 4 backup/backup rigs, 3 or 4 backup antennas, 2 or 3 keyers....you never know....one or two may fail. I wonder if Dick carries all this equipment to the final location :) 73, John ZS5J (busy loading the SUV for a 3 hour QRP field day. It looks like I am going away on an overseas trip, hi)

    1. Hi John, Many thanks for the comment. Yes amazing as it seems I did take almost all this 'stuff' along for our last Field Day contest 2015. I did feel pretty well prepared and could definitely have cut down in many areas at the expense of comfort of course. Good luck with your QRP adventure. Enjoy! 72 de Dick n4HAY