25 February 2013

Walkhaven Dog Park
On Sunday morning  Feb 24th Berry (my wife), and I, took a drive out to this dog park called Walkhaven  http://www.walkhaven.co.za. This park is just a short 20 minute drive from our Fourways QTH in the Cradle area north of Joburg. This is a really nice place where the dogs roam free in a very large area. There are also 2 lakes for the dogs to swim in. We enjoyed a nice breakfast there while being highly entertained by the antics of the many and different dogs! It was a bit disconcerting when our dog Chaiya decided to join a pack of dogs. We had a hard time getting her back!

I took my radio gear with me but in the end did not do any operating. It is certainly a possible place to operate. There are skyhooks but one would have to get there early in order to be able to set up under the trees. There are trees near the restaurant, however this area is too populated to make a good radio spot. I decided that the best place would be in the upper areas of the car park. However some form of shade, such as a portable umbrella, would definitely be needed. The ground slopes gently upwards towards the north. The optimum location would put you about halfway up this slope. There would be a nice take off towards the west and east and of course south for working 40 meters and South Africa. To operate from the car park would require setting up a mast since there are few trees in that area.

View looking west. A gentle slope towards the horizon from the park

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