05 March 2013

Big Guns on 10m ARRL Intl. DX  cw contest

Below is a record of some of the stations I was able to work during the recent ARRL International DX cw contest. See my blog of this contest on Feb 16th and 17th 2013.

I obtained this information from the station descriptions found on QRZ.COM. Of course, I cannot verify exactly which antenna systems were used for my contacts with these stations.

K3OO (PA) - 10m beam on 45foot boom at 46feet agl.
K3LR (PA) - 10m 4 square and beam at 200feet agl.
K1RX (NH) - 10m 6 ele rotaryy at 32 meters agl, 10m 5 over 5 at 27 meters agl.
N8AA (OH) - 70feet agl - 4 full size elements on 10m.
N1UR (VT) - 10m 6ele KLM yagi on 26ft boom at 72 feet agl stacked over a homebrew 5 ele on 24 foot boom fixed NE. A 4 ele yagi on 20 ft boom South. 3 Homebrew, 5 ele yagis on a 70 ft tower -- each yagi can be rotated. An array of 2X5 elements plus some others.
K4RO (TN) - PRO 57 antennas, 7 ele on a 24ft boom at 60 ft and at 97 ft agl.
K3AJ (MD) - 3 ele Steppr at 50 ft agl.

This impressive list is humbling to say the least. Only the very biggest stations operated by top operators were able to work my station. Sometimes I forget who is doing the hard work in DX QRP contacts.

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