16 March 2013

Cedar Lakes ZS0AWA net

I took a one kilometre walk down to the upper lake here in the Cedar Lakes property. A beautiful afternoon. Unfortunately kids were sitting at the picnic table I had earlier planned to use. I found a nearby tree and deployed the EFHW into a tree about 3 meters high. I then strung the wire over a branch and down to a spot at the bottom of the tree. Total deployment time was about 10 minutes.
The net was run by Andy ZS6ADY. QRV at 14:00hrs local. Also checked in was ZS6AJY Om Barrie. Barrie had problems copying me due to QSB. Both gave me a 559 signal report. My Antenna was working but not great. I enjoyed the net and ragchew with Andy lasting for about an hour. I also heard ZS1TTJ in CT and ZS3AOR slightly up the band. Their signals were down.
This trip I was able to carry all my gear in the K2 carrying case. But still room for improvement for sure.
Observations this trip:

  1. Be prepared to deploy in a place where you had not planned to. Take a towel to sit on.
  2. Even with the wire only 3 meters up I was still able to QSO in the net albeit with QSB
Upper lake deployment site @ Cedar Lakes, Fourways 

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