08 May 2013

3 Hornbill St Cedar Lakes, Fourways, Gauteng

I was very pleased with the reports I received on the Saturday AWA net on May 4th. I deployed an 'inverted U' type EFHW in my tiny backyard. I guess it was too cold to venture out into the park. Necessity being the mother of invention, I had to check into the net. The pic below shows the configuration. I used my field coupler for this net, however I have also built a large coupler using a T-200-2. I will write up these experiments in a separate blog.

I have also made up a new and vastly improved launcher. See the attached pic. This consists of 3 fishing weights on a nice 30ft piece of slippery yellow cord. I have also tied a knot about 3 ft from the fishing weights. This allows me to get a grip of the thin cord between my fingers during the launch. The launch weight is about perfect for a 20ft high launch and the cord slides easily through the target tree and to the ground. The launcher is compact and thus easy to store in a small backpack.

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