27 May 2013

W1FB DC Receiver experiments 4

This evening I connected a BCI filter that I have on hand, in the antenna path to my DC receiver. This is a unit I purchased a number of years ago from Industrial Communication Engineers. Model 402X.

The spec as follows:

BCB filter.  1.8Mhz - 30Mhz

50 Ohms, Non-Polar

Non DC Passive

Power capability is 300Watts.

The filter completely eliminated the BCI. Gone 100%.

This tells me that the BCI is entering through the front-end.

I can tell it is AM broadcast since the interference it is non tunable. A very loud Portuguese speaking station this evening.

I may consider building a BCB filter for my field project. However this will take up real estate and will need some kind of shielding to work properly.

BCB Filter from Industrial Communications engineers.

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