01 January 2014

QRV in Augusta Georgia

Happy New Year and may 2014 be a good one to us all!

We spent an enjoyable 2 days with our friends in Augusta Georgia. Home of the famous US Masters tournament.

Of course I had to get on the air! I soon discovered that I had left my SWR meter behind in North Carolina. Nevertheless I was able to peak the tuner by ear since of course the loaded Q is high for this end fed half wave antenna.

The QTH is not ideal for radio since they are located in a hollow and below a dam wall. I was able to get my antenna up as a sloper with the end about 30 ft agl.

I achieved 2 QSO's:

Om Del in Orlando Fl gave me a 599 report! Note that his antenna is a Force 12 multi-band beam. That tells the story about QRP.

I also received a 559 report from om Stu in Louisville Ky. Not sure what antenna he was running.

My operating conditions were my Norcal 40A @ 2 watts into an end fed halfwave up 30ft. Operating from the back porch with a temperature of 50F and sunny.

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