05 January 2014

QRV in Cary NC Temp -7C/23F

Today I deployed my end-fed into a tree at our friends home back in Cary NC. The weather was very cold, in fact the coldest day so far this season with more on the way next week. I was only able to get the antenna up about 15 feet. I could tell that the antenna performance was not great since I struggled to get an answer to my CQ in spite of the band being quite active. I managed a QSO with K4KTM just located in N Raleigh NC and also with a QRP station OM Bob in Newnan GA. Bob was running 1 Watt into a doublet antenna. I copied Bob 559 and he gave me a decent 579 signal report.

I am now en route back to Johannesburg where the temperatures are around 80F.

That will be a change!

An Ice Sculpture in Cary NC. My friends back yard!

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