17 April 2014

Kruger Park Easter April 17th - 23rd

This coming weekend we are excited to be going to the Kruger Park.

We will be in the park from the afternoon of Friday April 18th through the morning of Wednesday 23rd. We will stay in self catering accommodation at Satara, Pretoriuskop and Berg en Dal. This should be fun!

I am taking along my QRP 40m station as stored in a plastic food container, including my end fed halfwave system. I do hope that I will be able to make a few CW QSO's with my CW friends.

Thank you in advance for trying to work ZS6RSH.

I will take my laptop along and thus I plan to post blogs covering our experiences at the park.

Details of my working conditions as follows:

QTH's:      April 18th evening - April 20th morning SITARA
                 April 20th afternoon - April 22nd morning  PRETORIUSKOP
                 April 22nd afternoon - April 23rd Morning BERG EN DAL
OPERATING TIMES  Noon 12:00-1:30,  Early evening 18:15-19:00, Other casual times.
QRG: 7020KHz
RIG: NORCAL 40A, 1.53 Watts
ANTENNA SYSTEM: End Fed Half Wave (66' 4") + Tank coupler + 8" 6" Counterpoise
PADDLES: Palm field model
POWER: 12V, 1.3Ah SLA, Car Battery power as backup

List of Equipment:

  1. Plastic Food storage container
  2. Norcal 40 A, 1.53 Watts output, QRP, 40m Rig. 
  3. Granadila Tin homebrew end fed half wave coupler
  4. LED SWR Meter
  5. Palm Paddles
  6. 66ft 4inches, #16 AWG, 40m Halfwave antenna, with launch cord attached.
  7. 8ft 6inch Counterpoise
  8. Launch cord with 3 fishing weights attached
  9. Spare cord (20ft)
  10. 2 X BNC barrel connectors
  11. SLA Battery, 12V, 1.3Ah
  12. SLA power cable and 2A fuse
  13. Car Battery extension power cable
  14. 2 X 2A fuses
  15. Keyline
  16. Earphones
  17. Leatherman
  18. Mini Multimeter, Radio Shack
  19. Plastic tuning screw driver
  20. Pen
  21. Paper
  22. Operator ZS6RSH 
Some interesting links:

Kruger Game Park.  http://www.krugerpark.com/

Satara Camp http://www.krugerpark.com/self-catering/satara-restcamp/
           GPS :-24.3976800 (latitude), 31.7777800 (longitude)

Pretoriuskop Camp http://www.krugerpark.com/self-catering/pretoriuskop-restcamp/
           GPS: -25.1722 (latitude), 31.2692 (longitude)

Berg En Dal Camp http://www.krugerpark.com/self-catering/berg-en-dal-restcamp/  
           GPS: -25.4200(latitude), 31.4512 (longitude)

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