19 April 2014

Kruger Park Satara Camp

Here we are at the lovely Satara camp. The 569Km drive here from Joburg was quite uneventful in spite of the heavy traffic and packed facilities. This being Easter weekend. Our self catering bungalow is basic but very clean and pleasant. We are in a circle of rondavel huts numbering some 25 with a nice green space in the center with many trees.

Of course I had to deploy my antenna upon arrival. A single launch had the EFHW over  a strong branch about 20ft high. A non-thorn tree! Soon I was QRV using my Norcal 40A at 1.5 Watts. The following in my log:

17:08         599         599        ZS4SF  Monk in Welkom indicating some QRM but a FB signal
17:20         599         599        ZS6AZP  Dave in Centurion indicating rising QRM
17:30         549         599        ZS6AJY   Barrie in Benoni / QRM

The band was definitely going long and an hour later I was unable to make a QSO as I heard european stations coming in. The reports received were very satisfying, convincing me that the system was working ok.

After a delicious braai of short ribs and salad we retired for a good night's sleep.

This morning we were up bright and early before sunup and joining the queue of vehicles waiting for the gates to open at 6am. We headed for the famous S100 road where there are purported to be a large pride of lions in residence. Yes we were lucky! Right there walking alongside the road were a beautiful lion and lioness. This was certainly the highlight of the morning for us. What a memorable sight to behold in the golden morning sunlight.

We stopped at a nice picnic spot where we rented a 'skottle' with which to cook our breakfast consisting of eggs. tomato, fried banana and tea.

What a great start to our Kruger trip..

Picnic spot near Satara camp and overlooking Mozambique

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  1. Dick,

    Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I hope to also have a QSO with whilst you are at Kruger NP.

    I just love “minimalistic radio” there is something almost magical about communicating with someone distant with a tine homebrew radio.

    I will monitor 7020 in the hope of hearing you.

    Keep up the good work !!

    Pierre ZS6A