10 March 2014

Characterization of a 14.5MHz low pass filter

 I built a Chebyshev n=5 filter and then tried to characterize it. Since I am using an 11MHz sine wave generator for calibration I started out with the aim of realizing a 13.2MHz filter. Refer to EMRFD Chapter 3 for filter design. Since I didn't have any 330pf caps on hand I ended up with a 14.5MHz (peak cutoff) filter using 300pF capacitors.

I was unable to detect the ripple in the filter. Instead it showed a flat response until about 9MHz with an insertion loss and ripple that I could not measure with my power meter.

The following results were obtained.

RL = 22dB
-3dB cutoff point = 15.61MHz
-5dB Passband = 16.4MHz.

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